On Ramadan, Thanks, and Frugality

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The first section shows the wisdom in fasting:”There are many purposes and instances of wisdom in the fast of Ramadan which look to both God Almighty’s Dominicality, and to man’s social life, his personal life and the training of his instinctual soul, and to his gratitude for Divine Bounties.”….The second part is about frugality and contentment, and wastefulness and extravagance; gives instructions in the form of categorically commanding frugality and clearly prohibiting wastefulness as indicated by the Qur’an, 7:31….The third part is on thanks which is, according to the Qur’an, the most important thing that the Most Merciful Creator wants from His servants…. “The All-Compassionate Creator desires THANKS in retun for the bounties He bestows on mankind. As for wastefullness, it is contrary to thanks, and slights the bounties and causes loss. While frugality is both thanks, and shows respect towards the Divine Mercy manifested in the bounties, and is the cause of plenty.” (Pocket Series) - 95 pages. Paperback.

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