Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Works

Bediuzzaman Said Nursi TranslationsAlso, the Risale-i Nur explains the most profound matters of belief, which formerly only advanced scholars studied in detail, in such a way that everyone, even those to whom the subject is new, may understand and gain something without it causing any difficulties or harm. A further reason is that in explaining the true nature and purposes of man and the universe, the Risale-i Nur shows that true happiness is only to be found in belief and knowledge of God, both in this world and the hereafter. The Risale-i Nur also explains the grievous pain and unhappiness that unbelief causes man’s spirit and conscience, which generally the misguided attempt to block out through heedlessness and escapism, so that anyone with any sense may take refuge in solidified belief. The works of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi have become and continue to be a worldwide phenomenon, growing daily as more and more people discover his books. The Risale-i Nur books have been translated in 50 different languages with readers in all corners of the world, from Philippines to Tunisia, from Russia to Australia, not to mention the United States, France and other European countries. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s miraculous works have been time-tested by expert scholars in all disciplines including science, philosophy and religion from its first publication. The worldwide movement of the Risale-i Nur is an unprecedented phenomenon, indeed! Benefits of reading the Risale-i Nur are manifold and unparalleled:

  • Strengthening the belief of people of all walks of life
  • Providing decisive proofs of difficult matters. Said Nursi, for example, proved the existence of the hereafter with the same finality that two plus two equals four
  • Showing people how to read the great Book of the Universe so they may understand the meaning of beings and eventually know their Maker
  • Solving the talisman of creation and the meaning of life
  • Answering the three most difficult questions, “Where do I come from?”, “What am I?”, “Where am I going?”
  • Presenting mankind with a 6,000+ page spiritual guide (consisting of 130 books) richly packed with knowledge and gnosis
  • Bringing man closer to God; no one answered this fundamental need of man –the need to know his Maker- better than Bediuzzaman Said Nursi. His millions of readers and his 130 book collection testify to this fact.
  • Said Nursi discovered the shortcut to Truth, Purpose and Reality of Existence, essentially making available to all mankind a more realistic, but genuine and authentic path to enlightenment
  • People who taste the Risale-i Nur feel a natural desire to share it with other people. Sharing, kindness and connecting with others…“it is the hallmark of the Risale-i Nur!” says one of our readers.
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi gave great importance to making the matters discussed in the Risale-i Nur comprehensible to every class of people, and hence employed the simplest examples when clarifying even the subtle and profound questions of faith. Risale-i Nur transforms faith garnered through imitation into genuine faith of realization. Bediuzzman Said Nursi explains the true nature of the universe as signs of its Creator and demonstrates through clear arguments that when it is read as such, all the fundamentals of belief may be proven rationally. When this method is followed, a person attains a true belief that will be sound and firm enough to withstand any doubts that may arise in the face of the subtle attacks of materialism, naturalism, and atheism, or the materialist approach to scientific advances. For all scientific and technological advances are merely the uncovering of the workings of the cosmos. When the cosmos is seen to be a vast and infinitely complex and meaningful unified book describing its Single Author, rather than causing doubt and bewilderment, all these discoveries and advances reinforce belief, they deepen and expand it.]]>

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