Never Discriminate – Good People are Everywhere

The following hadith of Prophet Muhammad shows all of us how sweet, comprehensive and beautiful are his teachings about living in perfect harmony in a multi-cultural society:

One day, the Prophet’s wife Sophia (RA) came to him crying. She said, “Hafsah (RA) called me the daughter of a Jew.” (This was true because Sophia’s father, Hubayy b. Akhtab, was in fact a Jew who had died without ever accepting Islam. Still, such a comment was meant as a take on Sophia’s person, which was only more hurtful as it was coming from her co-wife. So when she heard what Hafsah had said, she started to cry.)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied:  “Verily, you are the daughter of a Prophet, your Uncle was also a Prophet, and you are the wife of a Prophet, so what does she have over you to boast about?” He then turned to Hafsah and said: “Fear Allah, O Hafsah!”

In an alternate narration, the Prophet is reported to have turned to Sophia and said: “Why didn’t you say, ‘So how can you be better than me? Muhammad is my husband, Aaron is my father, and Moses is my Uncle.’ ”

Source: Mishkat al-Masabih, Vol 2, #367, by Al-Tibrizi (English translation)

Dr. Osman Birgeoglu