The Staff of Moses

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This book consists of two parts. First is ‘Fruits of Belief’ and the second part is ‘A Decisive Proof of God’. Fruits of belief is about dispelling the darkness of too much worldly goods used to put today’s man in a state of neglect and giving light to the future by means of awakening heart and mind. In the author’s words: “just as the staff of Prophet Moses caused twelve springs to gush forth and was the means of eleven miracles, so the present collection (The Staff of Moses) consists of the eleven light-scattering topics of ‘The Fruits of Belief’, and the eleven certain proofs of ‘A Decisive Proof (of God)’ “, thus, this book receives its name The Staff of Moses, a source of life-giving waters for strengthening one’s faith. – 262 pages, Revised Hardcover Ed. 2019, translated by S. Vahide

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